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"Rules Are Suggestions."


Born and raised in China, Bernice Ye came to the U.S. in 2004 with just $1,000 in her pocket. After putting herself through Peking University, the “Harvard of China,” and graduate school at Purdue University, she launched a successful career in the technology industry working for Microsoft, Hulu, and two startups. In 2018, she began her journey in stand-up comedy, and made the decisive leap in 2021 by leaving her rising tech career to embrace her deep-rooted passion full-time.


Bernice has been touring all over the west coast in an RV, and her traveling story was featured in The Wall Street Journal. Bernice's comedy generated 60M+ views on Instagram and TikTok. Bernice has graced prestigious stages such as New York Comedy Festival, San Diego Comedy Festival, Northwest Women's Comedy Festival, and was crowned one of “The Funniest MF in Washington”. In 2021, Bernice received a Grant for Artist Progress Reward from Washington State Artist Trust. Before she moved to LA, she created her quarterly show which has been selling out at a 160-seat country club on Camano Island, WA. Now, Bernice’s taking her “secret recipe” to LA and launching her show “Fine Imports”, a variety show that features cultures around the globe.

Bernice's latest creative endeavor showcases her versatility and collaborative spirit. In 2023, she teamed up with rapper Cole Connor to create "Asian Chicken Salad," a comedy rap inspired by one of her standout stand-up routines. The accompanying music video that she produced was the winner of “Best Music & Sound” at Los Angeles Comedy Film & Screenplay Festival, and “Best Music Video” at Haha Harvest Comedy Festival in Portland, OR.


Many fans compare Bernice to the Jackie Chan of Comedy, not only because she is also a martial artist with a great sense of humor, but also because she shares her culture in a way that’s universally relatable without being raunchy – leaving those whom she represents feeling proud and empowered. Bernice is faithful to her voice as a first-generation immigrant and stands out a mile by being honest, courageous, and super funny.


In a world that's more divided than ever, Bernice's passion is to bridge cultures and empower immigrants through humor and personal stories.

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