"I might be a cancelled Chinese, but I'm a perfect American."


Bernice Ye is a Seattle-based comedian, writer and dancer. Born and raised in China, she came to the US by herself at the age 21 to pursue a PhD in Computer Science at Purdue University in 2004.

Refreshing, witty, and adorably honest, Bernice's sense of humor and hysterical act-outs surprise the audience with her originality, leaving them with memorable punchlines while learning something new about her culture. She has featured for national headliners Steve Brown and Nate Jackson, and performed at the New York Comedy Festival, San Diego Comedy Festival, AV Comedy Festival, Northwest Women's Comedy Festival, Crazy Woke Asians, as well as clubs and theatres all over the west coast. In a world that’s more divided than ever, Bernice’s passion is to bridge cultures and empower immigrants through humor and personal stories.

Being called too fat to dance as a child, Bernice eventually picked up dancing as an adult here in America. In the past 8 years, Bernice has been a lover of Argentine tango, aka dancing backwards in high heels, aka practicing the impossible art of being female. Despite her sunny, sweet disposition, this one knows how to bite.