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2021-12-17 Who Do You Think You're Talking to?

"Know What You See" Podcast w/ Prof. Brian Lowery, Dec 2021.

Oh accent, a loaded topic that I have so much to talk about. I had the pleasure to join Prof. Brian S. Lowery at Stanford Business School to talk about finding humor in the serious ways accents affect our lives and society.

A lot more was covered in the episode than this audiogram, so check it out on Apple Podcast.

About the Episode:

Know What You See with Brian Lowery - Who Do You Think You're Talking To?

Our accents, our cadence tells people something about where we’re from in terms of location and group memberships. But how we speak and the way we are heard says a lot about race and power. This time on Know What You See, Brian’s two guests have thought a lot about how language and accents affect society as well as their own personal lives: Kelly E. Wright, a sociolinguist specializing in linguistic discrimination and its institutional outcomes, plus comedian Bernice Ye, a comedian, writer, and dancer originally from China who tells of her experiences as an immigrant in her standup.

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