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What's better than those HOT Bernice Red-tip Chopsticks? It's Bernice Chopsticks sleeping in their own box with a custom engraved message, made by Bernice, with love.


Each box comes with one pair of chopsticks. You can choose to customize the chopsticks, or you can just let Bernice surprise you ;) 


These personalized boxes instantly elevate your chopstick game, and also make excellent gifts. Each box fits up to two pairs of chopsticks.


The default engraving text is: "THE AMERICAN DREAM. REDEFINED." 

The signature is "Bernice, with ❤️" 


If you would like a custom engraving text, there's a text box to fill as you place the order. Otherwise, I will use the default text. Please read the SHIPPING INFO section.


Approximate Box Size Exterior: 9.9"L x .9"H x 1.2"W
Approximate Box Size Interior: 9.5"L x .5"H x .75"W

Sticks in a Box

  • Due to the nature of the custom order, it can take up to 5-8 business days to ship the order. Because I want you to receive these boxes as soon as possible, they will be shipped directly from the maker, which means they cannot be shipped together with your other order on my website.

    There's a Chinese saying, "好事多磨", which means good things never come easy. Trust me, this is a good one ;) 

  • If you would like a shoutout on Instagram, please put your IG handle in the comments when you place the order. Thank you!

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